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Time Life News: Romantically Yours 10 Music Collection Coming Soon!


Looks like Time Life is rolling out some new sets for the fall/winter and OrderTVMusic.com is the first one to know about it! Starting its commercials in august with a release in the end of Sept/early Oct will be Romantically Yours 10 CD Music Collection. Now, thisromantically-yours-10-cd-time-life-music.jpg collection will be a "sequel" to Romancing the 70's and even a "prequel" to Easy 80's. This set is going to star Kenny Rogers and cover the late 70s to the early 80s in mellow and feel good love songs from those two decades. We can't wait to get this set in our hands and let you know about it. 

Check out the set here and order Romantically Yours 10 CD Music Collection!