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Time Life New: George Jones - The Great Lost Hits 1 CD


George Jones has been considered one of the greatest classic country singers and songwriters of all time. This man molded country music for what it is today and told music stories that no one could sing the same. Time Life's newest 1 CD is going to be filled 610583439823.sml.jpgwith 10 tracks that some haven't been heard EVER on a CD format to date. Each song has been digitally remastered from its original recordings in as close to perfect studio quality as Time Life can muster up. George Jones: The Great Lost Hits 1 CD as seen on tv has songs like "A Good Year for the Roses," "Walk through this World with Me," "I'll Share My World with You," "Love Bug," and ""The Race is On." 

Jones recorded from 1965-1972, but his legacy continued on for decaded thru the present. This is going to be a hot 1 CD pick up for all you country lovers, especially the ones you have purchased Golden Age of Country 10 CD set or people who are thinking about purchasing Golden Age of Country 10 CD set. 


Check out the Time Life PR following this 1 CD:

Time Life PR: 

  • Campaign will place reviews in national country magazines (Country Weekly, Country Song Roundup) as well as regional press in strong country markets throughout the south and Midwest.
  • We will also pitch coverage in music collector media such as Goldmine and Mojo.
  • Will run a giveaway contest on Classic Country stations throughout the country, offering CDs to over 1000 stations and specialty shows.
  • Work closely with CMT.com and GAC.com for online campaigns.
  • Contests at major country music websites.
  • Reviews at major country and music entertainment sites.